Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventures

On average we get to see about 55 - 65 different species of fish when snorkeling at Cape Vidal.

Duration: 2 Hours

Provided Equipment: Fins, Mask and Snorkel 

Cost: R350 per person

Wetsuit Hire: R50 per person

Meeting point: Cape Vidal resort at the fuel station/marine office parking area


Why book with us and not snorkel on your own at Cape Vidal?

Simply because your experience will be better! We snorkel at Cape Vidal every day and know where the fish are feeding with the varying conditions. Very importantly, we also know where the rip currents are and can provide you with the correct gear and guide you around safely!

Snorkeling at Cape Vidal with Safari And Surf is an activity not to be missed. What to do in Cape Vidal.

Do we need to make a booking or can we just arrive?

Yes, you please have to make a booking!

We have limited numbers for safety reasons and to keep your Snorkeling Adventure more personal. Our meeting times are also tide depending and therefore it is important for you to know the exact meeting time scheduled for the day.

What can you expect to see on our Snorkeling Adventures in Cape Vidal?

On average we see about 5 different species of nudibranchs and flatworms and between 55 and 65 different species of fish including juvenile angelfish, butterfly fish, moorish idol, lionfish, hawkfish, goatfish, kingfish, needlefish, tropical halfbeaks, diamond and marbled rays and several species of the wrasse family.  Other lucky sightings include octopus, crayfish, cuttlefish and turtles.

What can you see when snorkeling in Cape Vidal? Cape Vidal offer some incredible diversity of species! It is rated as one of the best snorkeling destinations in South Africa.

Is there a shipwreck in Cape Vidal bay?

In 1895 a wooden barge by the name of the “Dorothea” ripped in half after being overloaded with a load of gold. The vessel ended up in the vicinity of Cape Vidal bay. If not sanded up, parts of wreckage is visible for our snorkelers to see.. According to the journals much of the wreckage is from another barge that sank in search of the gold that was never found..

Snorkeling tours at Cape Vidal sometimes reveal sightings of the legendary "Dorothea" shipwreck. It was believed to have carried a heavy load of gold when it went under.

Are the Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventures an activity for the entire family?

Yes indeed! We host families all the time.. We prefer kids as they stress less than adults! 🙂 But we have lots of patience and will do our best to get everyone calm and comfortable in the water! Our first priority is safety! We always have flotation devices in the water if someone feel the need to hold onto something buoyant.

Our Snorkeling Adventures in Cape Vidal is an activity for the entire family

Where do we snorkel in Cape Vidal?

Interestingly the conditions in Cape Vidal changes from tide to tide. Not one day offer the same snorkeling as the next! For us this is amazing as it keep things exciting for us too! Sand get shifted by the tide and waves. At times Cape Vidal bay get sanded up almost completely and weeks later it might be washed out again exposing reef down at 5 meters. Because of this we read the conditions daily and guide our Snorkeling Adventures accordingly to get you in the best spots. 

Snorkeling at Cape Vidal, iSimangaliso, South Africa can be done safely with the correct equipment, guidance and at the correct tides.

Do you need to worry about sharks when snorkeling at Cape Vidal?

Not at all! Please leave all your worries at home.. The marine area of iSimangaliso is one of the best protected marine ecosystems in the world. The food chain is healthy and we are definitely not on their menu! If we see a shark on a Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventure, it will be a highlight and we will do our best to get some photo’s before he/she get scared of by our human behavior..  

What equipment will we provide on your Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventure?

Over the years we have finally found equipment that are both comfortable and reliable! We will supply you with a soft silicone mask and snorkel that will create a good seal together with a comfortable pair of diving fins. We also have a wetsuit rental facility where you can hire a wetsuit at an additional R50 per person. 

Will you need a wetsuit for your Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventure?

At Cape Vidal our water temperature range between 20’C and 29’C. Although it is nice and warm, the winter wind chill and 1.3 hour duration in the water do make a wetsuit come in handy. The wetsuits also offer a bit of extra buoyancy for the guest that are less comfortable in the water.  

Guests often ask if it is necessary to wear a wetsuit when snorkeling at Cape Vidal, iSimangaliso? We suggest it! It keep your body temperature up, protect your back from the sun and offer sum extra buoyancy.

Where to meet us for your Cape Vidal Snorkeling Adventure?

Please note that the location for Cape Vidal is wrongly indicated on Google Maps. It will direct you to a location in St Lucia town.

From St Lucia town the drive will take you a minimum of 1 hour! You will enter the iSimangaliso Wetland Park at the Bhangazi/Eastern Shores Gate. The gate is situated at the St Lucia Crocodile centre. 

Here you will pay your gate fees and travel all the way to Cape Vidal Resort on the tar road. On entering the  Cape Vidal resort after an hour, drive till you see the beach for your first time on your left. From here drive further ahead for another 100m and you will see our guide in the parking area at the wooden marine office/fuel station.

How much is the entrance fee into iSimangaliso Wetland Park, through the Bhangazi Eastern shores gate?

Adults: R51
Children (under the age of 12): R37
Vehicle entry charge:
• 1-5 people: R61
• 6-12 people: R90
• 13-20 people: R124
• 21+ people: R213
Accommodated visitors: R8 per person per night
Community Levy: R5 per person
Vessel launching fees: R100 per vessel

Click on one of the facebook links below to see some photo's of our most recent Safari And Surf Activities

Cape Vidal offers a unique snorkeling experience to see some of the smallest, vibrant and sometimes strangest marine creatures, including bubble shells, nudibranchs, flatworms and hermit crabs. Nudibranchs is the largest group of sea slugs. Flatworms are often vibrantly coloured with beautiful patterning.

To book an adventure contact us on info@safariandsurf.com or call +27 (0) 727234215 www.safariandsurf.com
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Ghost Pipefish are often seen in Kosi Bay and are related to true pipefishes. Their color varies from light green to dark brown. Often found in the sand next to the reefs. Mimics floating seaweed to avoid detection. Drifts over the seabed, often in a head-down position, searching for small invertebrate prey. Unlike pipefish, females incubate fertilized eggs in a pouch.

To book an adventure contact us on info@safariandsurf.com or call +27 (0) 727234215 www.safariandsurf.com

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Snorkeling in Cape Vidal is something everyone should do at least once. The variety of fish & marine life are simply amazing. Recent sightings include nudibranch, octopus, lobster, diamond ray, electric ray, peacock flounder, lionfish and tassled scorpion. Here are some of the highlights form the past year.

To book an adventure contact us on info@safariandsurf.com or call +27 (0) 727234215 www.safariandsurf.com

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Let the sea set you free! Explore the magic of the ocean on one of our Guided Snorkeling Adventures either in Kosi Bay or in Cape Vidal. This is a great activity for groups, families and couples, all year round! Get up close with stonefish, morays, octopus, rays, lionfish, damsels, pipefish, grunter, parrotfish, moorish idol, butterflyfish, semicircle angelfish and more... An adventure awaits!

To book your snorkeling adventure give us a call at 072 723 4215 or send us an email info@safariandsurf.com

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Kosi Mouth Snorkeling Adventure. 09/07/2022
Great to see some Ghost pipefish in the Aquarium. Other highlights included Crescent-tail wrasse, Paperfish, Stonefish, Devil scorpionfish, Blackedged pufferfish, Floral moray and Common lionfish.

To book an adventure contact us on info@safariandsurf.com or call +27 (0) 727234215 www.safariandsurf.com

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